Hotel Palacio Astoreca


Mister Francisco Petrinovic a saltpetre businessman, orders the architect Vicente Colovich to build a mansion with a completely Victorian architectural style. It was opened in 1923 as one of the most imposing palaces in Valparaiso City.

Since then, the mansion has been a benchmark for the port, and it has become one of the most notorious buildings in the region, always highlighted because of its distinctive colors and imposing architecture.

Before being completely refurbished, the building was last occupied by the Facultad de Artes from the Universidad de Playa Ancha; from there, the chilean architect Mr. Matias Klotz worked on the complete restoration of it before returning it to its actual condition.

The Hotel

The restoration works started in 2009 by the prominent architect Matías Klotz.

Palacio Astoreca Hotel opened its doors in 2013, and it has 23 rooms allocated in 4 different categories. It has a comforting SPA with a heated pool that is also equipped with a firewood hot water tub just underneath an infinite vertical garden.

It has spacious rooms, a large porch that faces directly onto the Paseo Yugoslavo square, and an underground exposed brick wine cellar.

From the main entrance, you will appreciate the grandeur of this heritage building.

The surroundings

Cerro Alegre (Happy Hill) was given that name because of the colorful houses and gardens, and that’s the place where the hotel stands.

Bordered by promenades, stairs, restaurants, bars, art galleries, and stores, the Palacio Astoreca Hotel has a prominent place within the Paseo Yugoslavo, right next to the Palacio Baburizza which is the current fine arts museum.

Palacio Astoreca Hotel coexists with many other buildings in its surroundings; many of them gave life to the Cerro Alegre and nowadays they are a living statement of an old-time Valparaiso.